Urban Ecology Lab @ NCSU


To advance an interdisciplinary understanding of the structure and function of complex, coupled human and natural systems through studying social and ecological drivers of urbanization, quantifying urban structure, systematically linking urban structure to ecosystem processes, and analyzing ecosystem services in urban environments.


(1) Utilize the Triangle Region of NC as a study system to examine policy-relevant social and ecological processes that can inform regional management and planning (e.g., Nelson et al. 2012, Inkiläinen et al. 2013, Youth et al. 2015, Metzger et al. in press).

(2) Elevate the Triangle’s representation in national studies to enhance a comparative framework for understanding the sustainability and resilience of cities (e.g., Bigsby et al. 2013, Schwarz et al. 2015).

(3) Contribute to the advancement of urban ecological theory globally, refocusing social-ecological analyses on new forms of urbanization in the Global South (e.g., McHale et al. 2013, McHale et al. 2015) and simultaneously develop on the ground research that impacts the lives of underprivileged people in challenging environmental conditions (e.g., Steelman et al., in Press).